Tutto Freddo Advanced Cold Dessert Technology

Tutto Freddo Cold Dessert Techology
Advanced Cold Desserts Technology

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Tutto Freddo in conjunction with our partners are proud to offer the newest and most advanced technology of the highest quality in hot and cold desserts specialty equipment available in the world today.

In association with Carpigiani we can offer you a wide variety of specialty equipment from soft-serve ice cream, to gelato, to pastry equipment. Whatever interests you have, you can rest assure that the Carpigiani group with close to 60 years of experience has the appropriate tools for your needs.

Just found your ideal location? Let us help design and build your shop for you. In cooperation with our partners at Gelostandard, we can design your unique gelateria, pastry, or bar-café. It's as easy as 1-2-3!! All you do is supply your dimensions and your menu. Gelostandard, the leading manufacturer of superior quality gelato displays, has offices in Italy, Canada and Bombay. Together with their staff of designers and engineers, we can assure you of a well designed, worker friendly layout for your shop as well as top notch gelato and pastry displays.

At Tutto Freddo you are not just simply investing in high quality equipment, you are investing in top notch support and expertise to help assure your project gets off to a smooth success.